Unified Duty Rates

When the goods for personal use are brought into the Customs territory of the Customs Union by physical persons the following rates of Customs payments are applied:

  1. a 30% single rate of Customs value of the goods but not less than 4 EUR per 1 kg of the weight in the excessive part of the value allowance equivalent to 10 000 EUR and (or) the weight allowance of 50 kg – in case the goods for personal use are brought into and their Customs value exceeds the sum equivalent to 10 000 EURand (or) their weight exceeds 50 kg;
  2. the overall Customs payment – in case indivisible goods for personal use are brought into;
  3. a single rate of 22 EUR per 1 litre in case ethyl alcohol under 5 litres is brought into;
  4. a single rate of 10 EUR per 1 litre for the part exceeding the quantitative allowance of 3 litres – in case of importing alcoholic drinks and beer in the quantity from 3 to 5 litres inclusively.