Goods which must be declared to Customs

In case of crossing the customs border of the Customs Union by air transport, the following articles shall be subject to declaring (passenger's customs declaration shall be filled in):

  1. Goods being imported, provided their customs value exceeds equivalent of 10 000 EUR and (or) the total weight of which exceeds 50 kg;
  2.  Cash resources (banknotes, treasury notes, coins, excluding precious metal coins) and (or) cheque cards being imported and(or) exported, for the sum total exceeding 10 000 USD equivalent;
  3. Cash instruments (promissory notes, cashier's cheques, securities) being imported and (or) exported;
  4. Items of cultural value;
  5. Russian Federation rewards being exported;
  6. Animals and plants threatened with extinction, any parts thereof, as well as goods produced of them;
  7. Arms and weapons;
  8. Imported alcoholic beverages the quantity of which exceeds 3 liters;
  9. Narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances in the form of medicines administered with the relevant evidencing documents;
  10. Radio-electronic equipment and (or) civilian high frequency facilities, including any built-in or being a part of other goods;
  11. Technical facilities with encryption functionality;
  12. Goods for personal use inherited with documental evidence of coming into the heritance in respect of such goods;
  13. Goods for personal use imported in accompanied baggage, provided the physical person moving the same has non-accompanied baggage;
  14. Other goods as fixed by the customs laws of the Customs Union.