Customs Declaration

Family name
First name
Second name

Country of permanent residence
Document establishing one’s identity
Arrived from (country of departure)
Leaving for (country of destination)
With me I have children under age


Accompanied luggage


Unaccompanied luggage


Goods, delivered by carrier


Currency less than 10 000 US dollars

The list of currency less than 10 000 US dollars

Currency more than 10 000 US dollars

Date and Place of birth (dd/mm/yyyy)

Date and Place of issue

Address of permanent residence

Address of registration

Number and visa date of issue

Banknote, coins?

Banknote, coins

Traveller cheque ?

Traveller cheque

Monetary instruments?

Monetary instruments

Details of owner of cash

Full Name/Name of other person

Residence address

Origin of cash

Origin of cash (Other)

Intended use of cash

Intended use of cash(Other)

Date of departure (YYYY-MM-DD)

Select date in calendar
Date of arrival (YYYY-MM-DD)

Select date in calendar
Transit countries

Arrival/departure type of transport

Information on transport unit

Registration no.


Moment of release

Body no. or identification number

Engine volume (in cub cent)

Chassis no.

Customs value

Direction of transportation

Taken off the registration at the country of previous rigistration

Goods, forbidden of limited

Indivisible goods over 35 kilos, goods with total weight over 25 kilos and/or total customs value over € 500

Information of good

Общий вес/количество ( Итого Цифрами )

Общий вес/количество ( Итого прописью )

Общий вес/количество ( Стоимость )

Filling date (YYYY-MM-DD)

Select date in calendar
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