Mass Media

When carrying out Customs formalities in respect of professional equipment moved across the Customs border of the Customs Union by Russian and foreign mass media there must be submitted instead of the declaration a List of Goods made in the form approved by the Decision of the Commission of the Customs Union dated May 20, 2010 No. 263.

At present simultaneously with the List only the Obligation to import/export back must be submitted to the Customs body.

The List of Goods and the Obligation are sufficient documents on the basis of which Customs bodies carry out Customs formalities under temporary export/ import of professional equipment by Russian and foreign mass media.

The foreign mass media temporary import of professional equipment is also possible in the following forms:

  • Applying «Convention on temporary import» dated June 26, 1990 with the use of ATA Carnets;
  • Applying «Convention on temporary import» dated June 26, 1990 without submitting the Customs document (without submitting the declaration on the goods) and establishing a quarantee.

The written Obligation for import/export of the equipment and the List of goods are made at will. In the Obligation there must be stated a supposed date for import/export of the equipment, also there must be confirmed the use of the equipment by the person responsible for direct transfer of the equipment. If the Obligation contains the List of the equipment moved temporarily, then it is not necessary to submit a separate List of the equipment. In the List, provided they are available, the model, type, identification number of each commodity being a complete set of equipment are stated. 

The duration of temporary admission can last 12 months. In case the necessity may arise to prolong the stipulated period of time, a new Obligation with a new term of temporary admission specified must be submitted to the Customs body to which the primary obligation was submitted.